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M06 fixed

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#1 Zorid


    No bot stands a chance

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 05:12 PM

Hi all,

I finally fixed m06 for coop server so please check it out and report any faults/bugs if you see any thanks. here is a list of fixes and updates for this map:


1. Objective 3 , clear the helipad area. laser wall at barracks does not remove after area is cleared. (Fixed)
2. Sounds that never played before (Fixed)
3. Missing bots from first area (Fixed)
4. Missing bots from second area (Fixed)
5. Chopper Bot drops in all areas (Fixed)
6. Chopper that drops re-enforcement gdi MP bots (Fixed)
7. Chopper that drops the med tank at start (Fixed)
8. Helipad HP (Fixed)
9. All vehicles and structure HP's (Fixed)
10. Garden laser wall does not remove after killing mct's (Fixed)
11. All choppers HP (Fixed)
12. Barracks doors never opened (Fixed)
13. Repeating sounds and msg's (Fixed)
14. Score on statue and all (Fixed)
15. MP bots had nod chain gun (Fixed) TY sarah :)
16. Chopper that drops rockets on helipad was nod chopper (Fixed)
17. Msg zone at barracks spelling mistake (Fixed) TY death :)


1. Bots can now see further than before.
2. Tail gun added to start near the tower.
3. Extra ceiling guns added all over.
4. More gun emplacements added around in the house.
5. An extra 2 MCT's have been added in the house that must also be killed to open war room.
6. Extra Chopper bot drops in areas 1 and 2.
7. Chopper that drops bots in the courtyard area happens more than once now.
8. Extra sounds added to play around the map.
9. Added a few extra bots to area 1 and 2.
10. Sniper bots on roof removed to ground level and they also move now.
11. Replaced roof snipers for rocket bots.
12. Added more rocket bots around the map.
13. Gate at start is now 2 way (can teleport back through the gate to PT area).
14. Laders added to the back of the huts so you can climb on the roof of them.
15. Added fast rep gun to the map.
16. Moved guard tower in helipad area.


If i think of anymore fixes/updates that i missed out i will edit this post and add them to the list.

Regards Zorid.

#2 andyman


    Hey, not too rough!

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 09:23 PM

n1 all good :ninjameditate: :)

#3 Cunin



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 12:17 AM

good work :)

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