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M06 updated

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 09:29 AM

Hi all,

M06 has been updated from yesterday, these are the edits/Fix's:
  • Added the force team gdi scripts, so no one gets stuck on nod now (FIX)
  • Added a switch at start area, this switch you can buy an agt gun for 5000 (EDIT)
  • When the med tank is killed it will drop another tank (in-deferentially) (EDIT)
  • Removed all teleport zones from the hedges in the garden (EDIT)
  • All eva msg's now show in green and without the number 1 or 2 before the msg (FIX)
  • 2 sounds edited so now you can now hear the sound anywhere on the map (FIX)
  • Added a ramjet riffle (4 shot) secret on the top of the tower (EDIT)
  • Removed lader on hedge for agt gun, no need for it now you can jump from hedge to hedge for agt gun (EDIT)
  • added 5 gdi prisoners in the cells near boss's so if you let them out they may help fight (EDIT)
  • Added a zone to grant level 10 key to open the jail doors (EDIT)
That's all for now, if i remember anything else ill edit this post and add it in.

Regards Zorid.

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