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Limited Time at DLH.NET: Free Steam Keys for some games

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Posted 29 December 2014 - 02:23 AM

Was wandering about and came across a few reports/articles/posts about a site called dlh.net giving away free steam keys for several games. It's a legit thing, and I've got the 5-6 games they are currently handing out free steam keys for already added to my steam library now.

Head to dlh.net

You'll have to register/create an account on their website (be sure to change the language to english via the flag icon located at the top-right of the screen).

Then click 'Profile/Keys' near the top-right area (again) of the screen.

Scroll down a bit past that fields/boxes about your profile name/email/account/password and you should see a list of games as follows:

Steam games:



East India Company Gold Edition


Knights and Merchants HD

Pirates of Black Cove

Commander - Conquest of the Americas

Two Worlds - Game of the Year Edition

IMPORTANT: At the moment there's a limited supply of free keys for each game they are giving out -- if you've not redeemed/claimed a key yet, you should see a ! little icon next to each of the games if there are still steam keys of the game available. Hovering the mouse over will give some details about the total number of steam keys left for the game, how many are released hourly, and daily, etc, I think.

Lots of the articles/posts/sites out there on the internet are saying if they keys have run out for the day (or the particular hour you try), just try again later. I assume once they run out of keys for any of the games they'll actually have a text message appear for it. There's already a message that appears for when there's no more keys left (for that day) for Enclave, and it said to 'try again tomorrow'.

When I ran through the process earlier today and did a rough check on the number of keys left via that ! icon next to each of the games before I claimed my keys, I think it was at about 8000 keys in total left for most of them. The Enclave game had already run out for that day so the ! icon for it wasn't there for me to check. I'm guessing it's a popular one.

Cheers. I've tried 2-3 of the games so far, Knightshift and Kngihts and Merchants are quite old (and old-looking) games, though they do have multiplayer. The other game I tried (but failed to get working so far; I suspect my PC can't handle it) is Two Worlds - Game of the Year Edition. The redeeming of the steam keys process via dlh.net and the steam website worked smoothly for me though.

I have heard some folks may run into a bit of a bug/delay when they're at the part redeeming/claiming the keys via logging into the steam website. They kept trying again and eventually it worked, so don't get discouraged too quickly if it seems there's a bit of lag or the game doesn't show up in your library, just try again in a bit (5-10 minutes even I think might do it. 20-30 should work for sure I reckon.)

Too much writin' I'm outs.

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