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AssaultCube IRC Relay Bot v0.7.3

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Posted 23 March 2015 - 05:02 PM

I've got some requests for the latest version of the bot but never actually had the time to properly release it, so here it is.


Please note that you can't update through the IRC command "!update NOW" because the host I used to keep the update files on is no longer active, and therefore I had to change it.




Also note that I'm not making any more releases for the 1.1.x version of AssaultCube.


Here are the changes since the last public release (v0.7):


v0.7.3 - 23 march 2015
- Now server quit is done in a more graceful manner. A new RCON command was added, "quit", which makes the server quit properly. This seem to have fixed the "port bug" which rendered ports unusable after some server restarts (it's most probably an undocumented Windows bug as ports for killed tasks should be freed by the OS itself)
- Now you need to specify a reason for tempbans, which will be shown both on IRC and in-game
- Kick-ban reason is now shown on IRC too
- Changed update host once again

- Added "quit" RCON command, to gracefully quit the server
- Modified the way bans are performed:
   - Now banning is done using the standard addban() function, which is the same used for auto server bans
   - This will hopefully fix failing bans, and also would allow for easier source maintenance

v0.7.2 - 4 january 2014
- Changed host for updates. The old one will expire soon so please update the bot as soon as you can.
- Added proper client numbers for AC

v0.7.1 - 24 november 2013
- Added Hostname and client version to !playerinfo
- Added logfile auto-split options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never.
- You can now customize the color of bot's messages as seen in-game (only through ini file, see Configuration section for details)
- Implemented "Reload Saved Settings" button (yes now it finally works :P)
- Now you can do !pi * to show all players information
- Added nickchange spam handling: auto-kick and auto-ban is customizable through gui
- Added $$clientversion and $$versionwarning to JOIN event, to show player's client information
- Changed default color of both @IRC messages (3 to N) and Kick/tempban/kickban messages ( 6 to B ) in-game
- Fixed crash when closing the bot without the server output console open
- Fixed some GUI's log messages not having time and improperly scrolling of the log area
- Reduced shut-down time
- Now the bot automatically removes all -LFx and -T command-line parameters to prevent problems
- Fixed all cases (hopefully) where a nick starting with a number would color a bot message
- Assorted minor fixes/changes


- Fixed server crashes on messaging by making the RCON code non-threaded
- Fixed initrcon() being called even if no pass was set
- Fixed ban time was a fixed value rather than using user-defined time
- Changed log format of Hostname checker
- Hostname resolver was ran before the other blacklists, resulting in hostname showing up before client login. Fixed now.
- Replaced some printf() leftovers with logline()
- Changed CLIENTLOGIN, PASSLOGIN and UNBANLOGIN's format for client version information (now it's just version|buildtype)




Report any problems related to this version here in this thread.



I've found out that the problem about ports might reappear if you use the !update and !updatebeta commands (only if they actually update the bot, which always happens when using the !updatebeta). I've uploaded a new beta which fixes this occurrence, and there should not be other cases for the problem to reappear.

You might want to update to the newer version only before rebooting your system/server box, otherwise you might get the problem again.

I'll upload a new version of the bot with this fix whenever I add another thing I wanted to add, but in the meanwhile, you can get this "hotfix" by using the !updatebeta command from IRC.

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Posted 02 April 2018 - 08:37 PM

I have it right now and its not working on AC. it connects to irc and relays messages to irc and shows advertisement messages in irc but not assaultcube. i tried updating wit !update and !updatebeta but they didnt help.

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