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AssaultCube IRC Relay Bot v0.7.4 BETA

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Posted 13 April 2015 - 04:56 PM

I've just uploaded a new beta for testing. If you want to help me, just update your own version with "!updatebeta NOW" and let me know if you find any problems compared to the version 0.7.3. I've made it so you can go back to the stable release with the "!update NOW" command. The stable release v0.7.3 in the update server includes the port bug fix I was talking about in the 0.7.3 thread, so there should be no problems going back and forth through the stable/beta.




v0.7.4 - 13 april 2015
- Forgot to gracefully quit the server when !update/!updatebeta it, which could lead to another instance of the port bug. Fixed.
- Since the mostkills/mostdeath bot messages are based on kills/deaths rather than points, now only number of kills are counted, not the points given for a specific kill type (the bot was using the points given for each kill type in previous versions). Deaths were already just single deaths.
- Now both chm and html guide files are updated too when doing an !update.
- HTML guide file now has a TOC for easier browsing
- I finally had some time to look at the problem that was causing the server to crash if compiled with MSVC 2010 and fix it. Server is now compiled with the newer compiler (it was using MSVC 2008 before) which can lead to improved performance/stability/fireworks.
- Updated the compiler for the bot too.




- To get the updated help files, you'll have to do an "!update NOW" with the 0.7.4 version since that's the first version that supports downloading those files, updating from 0.7.3 will not do that. So basically, this feature will start working when you'll update from v0.7.4 (when it will be released) to a newer stable release, not a beta, but you can test it right now by updating to the beta then updating to the stable (aka, while running v0.7.3 do an !updatebeta then an !update while running the beta).

- I've been testing the recompiled server executable for a couple days now and didn't find any problems, but my testing only consists of running my own test server locally and joining it alone. I'll now update our TOSOK server with the new beta and see what users reports.

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