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#1 Zorid


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Posted 30 November 2015 - 06:48 PM

hi all, 
I have been going through some old files that i had on CD and i found a lot of old maps i made back at renz0r days xD i found my 1st custom coop map that i made years ago so i thought ild share it with everyone to play it and have some fun. It seems a shame to waste it by leaving it on this disc so i loaded it in level edit, I exported it to try it and it still got a full mission on it ;) though i had to fix a few things on it 1st, anyways really hope you enjoy it.
This mod is a pkg and is only for single player use.
Mod name
"Co-op New Territory"
map name
Attached File  C&C_Stronghold.JPG   149.15KB   0 downloads
Download: Attached File  Co-op New Territory.7z   7.39MB   27 downloads
In the pic above you can see the 2 red boxes on the left and 3 on the right, the 3 on the right are just the checkpoints but the boxes on the left are special.
Left  box  = 2000 body armor power up
Right box  = Infinity ammo (only gives you inf ammo on what ever weps you are carrying at the time.)
To open these boxes there is a switch on the side of each box. NOTE: it cost's 70,000 to open each box so when you host the pkg set your credits to 99999. even setting your credits this high you can still only open 1 box at the start of the game. (max starting credits possible is limited to 99999) 
You will be able to make lots of credits as you move on with the map.
  • Green key location: In obi building (the key is dropped when you kill the officer below) 
  • Yellow key location: In hand of nod (the key is located down in the very bottom room)
  • Red key location: In ref building (the key is dropped when you kill the mutant rav boss)
The ion & Ped are located in the communication centre (Note: the ion will only spawn after all buildings are dead)
There is another inf ammo disc at the construction yard, its located in the room at the back of the building (Note: it cost's 5000 to open this room and you have to find the switch that opens it 1st)
Other switches can be found in the 2 hangers and con yard roof, the empty hanger switch buys an APC and the hanger with the plane in buys a stank, the switch on con yard roof buys an arty tank (spawns on repair bay) there is one more switch on the conyard find it to open the inf ammo disc room ;)
Because this map is old, there is no vis setup on this map, i didn't know how to make vis back then xD so this map is not going to be added to the server for multi play. However i am going to make an online multi player version but this will not be anytime soon I've got other stuff to finish 1st. In this new version when i make it the map will be the same layout but may look a lot different(better) to how it looks in the pkg right now.
There is a read-me txt if you don't know how to play on it, and remember i made this while i was still learning how to make stuff so it is in no way as good as ttm1, but anyways that's about it i hope you enjoy playing it.
have fun!

#2 NizzyStorm


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Posted 30 November 2015 - 06:55 PM

this is a great map and is going to be fun now the level 2 security clearence card thingy will now hopefully spawn in the correct place xD

#3 Havoc_716


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Posted 23 April 2016 - 03:13 PM

Nice map Zorid

#4 deadeyee


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Posted 10 February 2017 - 03:41 PM

Nice work. It was a fun map.  Patch is definitely my preferred start and finish character. 

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