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#1 Zorid


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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:39 PM

This post was made for deadeyee ;)


Go to My Documents/Renegade/Client


In there you should find Keys.cfg, open it and at the bottom make a new line and add this to enable you to deploy turrets/ammo/etc on the map b01


  • WeapDrop=D_Key

Note the D is just an example you can set any key you like here as long as its not already used. Also use caps as shown or just copy whats above an paste that ;)


Or you can download a copy of my own cfg file ive attached here:  Attached File  keys.cfg   852bytes   14 downloads


If you use my cfg just paste it into My documents/Renegade/Client folder ( Not C:/Renegade folder)


After when you load your game you should see in extended options all the keys that are in that cfg txt doc file.


This cfg file also contains all the taunts you can do within the game like kick/punch/ etc, (see extended options within game to see all keys set and feel free to change to keys that suit your style of play)


Let me know if you got it working Thanks ;)


Regards Zorid.

#2 deadeyee


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:59 AM

Thank you for taking the time to share this file. Works like a charm!

#3 NizzyStorm


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Posted 19 February 2017 - 04:45 AM

Yeah it sure does.

#4 Guest_WarnerSax_*

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Posted 17 January 2019 - 01:03 PM

Here is the contents of my keys.cfg you must leave a empty line at the bottom of the file, else it will not recognize the last commandTaunt1=Keypad_1_KeyTaunt2=Keypad_2_KeyTaunt3=Keypad_3_KeyTaunt4=Keypad_4_KeyTaunt5=Keypad_5_KeyTaunt6=Keypad_6_KeyTaunt7=Keypad_7_KeyTaunt8=Keypad_8_KeyTaunt9=Keypad_9_KeyTaunt10=Keypad_0_KeyTaunt11=Keypad_Slash_KeyTaunt12=Keypad_Star_KeyTaunt13=Keypad_Minus_KeyTaunt14=Keypad_Plus_KeyTaunt15=Keypad_Period_KeyTaunt16=Keypad_Enter_KeyVoteYes=Page_Up_KeyVoteNo=Page_Down_KeyVehBind=Home_KeyVehBL=Insert_KeyVehStatus=Y_KeySoundtrack_Forward=Keypad_Plus_KeySoundtrack_Back=Keypad_Minus_KeySoundtrack_Toggle=Keypad_Enter_KeySoundtrack_Status=Keypad_Period_KeyVetInfo=Delete_KeyPoolInfo=Keypad_0_KeyC4Count=End_KeyRequestRepairs=Keypad_Star_KeyHarvUplink=Keypad_Slash_KeyFlagInfo=Num_Lock_KeyWeapDrop=Scroll_Lock_KeyRadio1=F4_KeyRadio2=F5_KeyRadio3=F6_KeyRadio4=F7_KeyRadio5=F9_KeyRadio6=F10_KeyRadio7=F11_KeyRadio8=F12_KeyRadio9=Minus_KeyRadio10=Equals_KeyRadio11=None_KeyRadio12=None_KeyRadio13=None_KeyRadio14=None_KeyRadio15=None_KeyChatHistory=U_Key

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