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Removing ttm1 music

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#1 Zorid


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Posted 18 March 2017 - 03:57 PM

Hey all,


I know alot of people that wish to have the music played on ttm1 removed but alot do not want it removed so this topic will show you how to remove the music from ttm1 if you are one of those people that do not like or want it playing. I have played ttm1 today with dubstar to test if this works and it does, it was nice to play ttm1 without music for a change.


Please make sure you go to the correct renegade folder for this to work, renegade has 3 renegade folders on your pc.


  1. C:/Westwood/Renegade         (NOT THIS FOLDER) 
  2. Documents/Renegade            (NOT THIS FOLDER)
  3. Application data/Renegade     (THIS FOLDER)

The folder you want is the one marked green above, to get to this folder go to the run command and type:




Hit enter and it should open your application data folder, now go into: Renegade / Client / ttfs / files


Now all you need to do is to download this file here: Attached File  Remove Music ttm1 mp3.7z   61.08KB   11 downloads and copy this file into the folder called files and replace the one thats in there now, NOTE: do not rename this file or it will not work.


All done no more music will play on ttm1 for you.


Please note if you change your mind at a later date and wish to have the music playing again then i recommend you either make a backup of that file before you replace it with this one or simply remove the new file and it will re-download it next time you play.


Enjoy playing without music ;)


Regards Zorid.


#2 dubstar


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Posted 18 March 2017 - 05:07 PM

The %AppData% folder is hidden by default so you may need to allow windows explorer to show hidden files and folders

Tutorial how to do that is here: http://community.int...s-using-windows

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