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New maps

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#1 Zorid


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Posted 06 September 2017 - 01:36 PM

Hey all,


Many of you may know that a couple of months ago i started working on re-doing some of the old maps and have finished 3 of them, i was going to add the maps once i finished all of them but i decided to just add the 3 i finished now and will finish the others later on.


So the maps remade from scratch are:


  • M03
  • M04
  • M08

Now please be aware of this for M03 and M08, at the start of the game you will not be able to move out and start the game right away! for instance M03 you have to wait about 30 seconds if i remember right before you can move out and start playing the game. The reason for this is i wanted to try and make things as fare as possible for all players. As you know know when a map first loads many players load right away and others load slower and by doing this on the map makes it abit more fare to you players who load maps aliitle slower than others so with this hopefully you get to start the game around the same time an not load in to find most others have already moved out and you are now behind.


For M08 is the same setup you will have to wait when map has loads for around 40 seconds before you can move out, same reasons as said above. This map you will start inside a jail and have to wait untill the sound plays that triggers you to be granted the key to enable you to escape. New to this map will be 4 checkpoints to enable better catch up with your team if you get killed.


As for M04 you will be able to move out an play right away as there is enamy near the start. Much has changed on these maps, No more rushing ahead, No more ai after you have cleared an area it stays clear for good. I hope you like the new versions and there is always room for improvement if needed but for now they need to be played public for feedback. All 3 maps have all weapons some are hidden as secrets good luck finding them.


A huge thank you to SarahDX for help with alot of behind the scenes and making some new cineamatics for these maps, example some choppers that drop ai will now drop 6 ai some still drop only 3 as before and thanks for the help to setup on the m03 volcano and other stuff.


Edit: maps now on the server have fun and please report anything if something is not right or needs more etc.


Regards Zorid.

#2 NizzyStorm


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Posted 10 October 2017 - 03:51 PM

I thought you where reworking M02 aswell? 

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 07:03 PM

seems i forgot to reply to this lol


nice maps z :teebeer:

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