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Bot Respawns on Maps

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#1 Faceless


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Posted 07 December 2019 - 07:28 PM

Just a slight rant and not sure how many people would agree....

But I feel that if there is only 1 active person, then bot respawn should either turn off, or be extended as on some maps (like M10) it's just got to the point of real annoyance, and end up ragequitting (yeah I know it's chickening out). 

Maybe do what the newer maps on Exodus have which is a difficulty setting which is set on how many players are on the server, which I think is a great idea! 


Also I've forgotten the map that everyone hates (it's the one set in a Mansion) because the bot respawn is just too annoying and puts a lot of people off playing that particular map

Everyone may not agree, or even make sense of my rant, but I do feel slightly better for saying it now  :ychin:


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#2 Gatronian Hell

Gatronian Hell

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Posted 09 December 2019 - 04:37 PM

Actually some maps already have auto-difficulty which is depends on number of players.

Also... main idea to Not play alone this maps, co-op do you know, if only one person still active that 1 person better wait for their "awake" or more players income... or just have some rest, kinda tea break.

Yes... ofcourse... it's really hard to fight alone there - no doubt, but you just shouldn't.

#3 NizzyStorm


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Posted 30 December 2019 - 10:06 PM

I do personally think as long as the bots don't infinitely respawn it's fine. Missions like M10 or M11 are examples. The bots have the ability to spawn kill you and i find that unfun. However maps like M05, M06 M07 and TTM1 are perfectly fun, even trying to solo them because once you've killed something and cleared the area  nothing will be back there which i like. However, a change in difficulty for people doing it solo, when it's a co-op server doesn't make much sense to exist to me. There are some maps i can solo lik TTM1, M05, M06, M07 C&C Complex. Just to name a few, same with M01. You just have to play smartly as you would in single player as you have no one to repair you. I always enjoy playing with others but if no one is on and it's a map i like i'll try and do it myself. 

#4 SarahDX


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Posted 24 January 2020 - 10:49 PM

I usually don't hang out around the forums anymore but I'll make an exception for this one.




If something will be changed or reworked, it will be done when it is done.

The people that work on the server have free choice of how much time they take with their project and when they will do it if they are going to do it.

The people doing stuff around here do it as a hobby and not as a job afterall. Please keep this in mind throughout my post.


Basically, I agree with both ideas that are being said here and I found that I'm not alone with that after speaking with some people behind the scenes.

Co-op is Co-op, you are not supposed to be alone but do keep in mind that this is Renegade, with servers running 24/7 straight, no pause, no gathering, no pre-start setting up.

This means you will eventually and inevitably find yourself alone on the server and you might still want or feel like to continue playing.

That's fine and all but the thing is, the majority of the maps on the current rotation were not made with this in mind, as a matter of fact, some of these maps are incredibly outdated even though they did receive some attention over the course of time.

If you are alone on the server, you should have the possibility to make progress without being exposed to something overwhelmingly difficult or basically, something that is frustrating and ragequit inducing, sure, you cannot 100%ly avoid it especially given how people are different and some will rage faster than others and stuff like that, but we have options and possibilities to make it more appealing or regulated.

It's also more beneficial to be able to play the map alone for as long as you are alone, that is because it means that there is activity on the server that increases the likelihood of other people joining seeing as there is someone playing, it's definitely better than sitting idle in the server waiting for someone to potentially join you or staring at your serverlobby/lister of choice as that would be pretty boring. So it can actually help to get an actual Co-op game going.

Also keep in mind that not every player is a veteran or regular of the server and thus may potentially not have the mandatory skillset to solo the maps that we have at the time of this post, Renegade is undeniably a dying game but we still get new players here and we ultimately want people to play together in a team as a team with a team and having fun.


Such a thing can definitely be done to strike the balance -- being able to play while alone while not making everything too easy or too hard, the difficulty setting has already been mentioned here and that was one of the reasons why I even created and implemented it into the server in the first place as the original Renegade Co-op beta we've been having way back (basically the maps I played the most when I was around) suffered the most from this matter and I wanted to have the possibility to dynamically adjust the difficulty so that new maps and mods won't be too harsh or too easy, where the changes made by it always depend on what the creator of the map or mod has set up.


Now, some people around here might jump to conclusions regarding the difficulty setting, especially how certain spawns are handled in maps such as B01 and B02 where the setting is in effect, let me tell you, I rushed the setup on these maps back then and it was not done as properly as it could have been done, I didn't give myself the time back then but just because I did this, others don't necessarily have to as well.


Wether and when such an undertaking will be done is up to the content creators, what choice they will go with and how they would setup the choice they went with is also up to them, another popular choice around here is to make limited spawns or to disable spawners altogether with certain triggers, typically when an area or objective has been completed but depending on circumstances, it might not be enough for certain situations such as being alone.


In any case, the difficulty setting has a very wide range of options and possibilities but it's also a ton of work to setup, I won't blame anyone if they went with something easier and/or faster which may or may not end up in a situation where the only player on the server will not have a fun time or where a mass of players will just steamroll through.


With time, we'll see what happens but this topic did not go unnoticed by those that work on the server, let that be said.

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