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AssaultCube Player Quotes

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#1 Bukz


    I'm too young to die

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 07:51 PM

Theres a thread just like this on the AC forums, but I figured that this would only be humorous to exodus community. So here we go. Just a little while ago on the #AssaultCubeCTF IRC channel on irc.exoduscommunity.com...

[15:35] <%DES|Bukz> dude, that osok server is always out of control lol, scares me to go on there
[15:35] <%DES|Bukz> the few times i did, led to a slew of people screaming, admin do this and that
[15:36] <%tactic356> lol
[15:36] <%tactic356> just ignore them unless there's a real concern
[15:36] <%DES|Bukz> lol, i don't play one shot much so thats what i usually do
[15:36] <%DES|Bukz> but :P
[15:36] <%DES|Bukz> just watching the logs sometimes
[15:36] <%DES|Bukz> O_O
[15:36] <%tactic356> lol
[15:37] <%DES|Bukz> lots of youngings play non stop one shot
[15:37] <%DES|Bukz> like a daycare gone wrong
[15:37] <%tactic356> lmao
[15:37] <%DES|Bukz> well that was fun, back to lurking

Meanwhile, on the one shot server...

[15:35] <&ACIRCBot> In.My.ContRol: F10 duduesss ?<<<<<<<]we
[15:35] <&ACIRCBot> [TEAMKILL] tactical_knifer gibbed Jackass000o
[15:35] <&ACIRCBot> [VOTE FAIL] {P}E{S}UnYtH tried to vote for: load map 'Headshot_City_II' in mode 'team deathmatch' (can't vote that often)
[15:36] <&ACIRCBot> [VOTE FAIL] {P}E{S}UnYtH tried to vote for: load map 'Headshot_City_II' in mode 'team deathmatch' (can't vote that often)
[15:36] <&ACIRCBot> [TEAMKILL] evhy gibbed tactical_knifer
[15:36] <&ACIRCBot> [VOTE] {P}E{S}UnYtH started a vote: load map 'Headshot_City_II' in mode 'team deathmatch'
[15:36] <&ACIRCBot> In.My.ContRol: f1 dudes
[15:37] <&ACIRCBot> In.My.ContRol: f1 dudes <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
[15:37] <&ACIRCBot> Match started: team deathmatch on map Headshot_City_II (20 players, 15 minutes remaining)
[15:37] <&ACIRCBot> Player In.My.ContRol changed nickname to In.My.ContRolbn
[15:37] <&ACIRCBot> [TEAMKILL] SunnyBaby(Ger) gibbed In.My.ContRolbn

I'd like to thank everyone who was there, that made it possible, especially you In.My.ContRolbn ;D

Sorry for the offtopic post, I just thought this was pretty funny, maybe some others would get a kick out of it. ;) Lets see what you guys got. :D

#2 Darkest_Night


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Posted 08 September 2009 - 09:45 AM

I've seen what goes on this server, and I know for a fact a lot of it's quote-worthy. Pinned.
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#3 tundra



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Posted 23 March 2010 - 03:38 AM

Quote from me (f.line|Tundra) "Its not camping its just standing in one place and killing everyone around you!"
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