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About Me

I prefer CooP games and I prefer supportive play style. I have participated PvP sometime ago and have grown to dislike the PvP modes, as it mostly comes along with bragging, excessive flood, cursing, immature behavior and with a competitive nature, which I simply don't like.

How do I define Co-Op?
I define Co-Op as something where we ( the Human players ) play all on the same Team against Computer Controlled Players ( AIs ). In Co-Op, we need Teamplay in order to progress and/or to Complete our Objectives/Achieve our Goals, in a Team as a Team with a Team. In Co-Op, there is no such thing as Competition or anything related with a Competitive nature, we all play together and not against each other in any way!

I have been a member of the [Mr.0] Intergaming CooP Clan, which has disbanded quite some time ago and ever since then, i am not willing/planning on joining any new/other Clan, being a R┼Źnin.

I like various types of Games, perhaps too many to name, i also like to try out new stuff. Most of the Games I like and play are Games released before 2003. There have not been too many Games after 2003 that I have grown to like.
A rough Index of what kind of Games I play/ed alot:

( Games with a CooP mode / force CooP or CooP possibility )
The Conflict Desert Storm Series ( also Including Conflict Global Storm/Conflict Global Terror )
The CnC Series ( mostly the older Games, 1-3, and Renegade )
Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul / Rage of Mages 3
The Thief series
Sengoku Musou / Samurai Warriors
Shin Sangokumusou Series ( except the First Game )
The Settlers ( 2, 3 and 4 )

( Single Player Games )
Metal Gear Solid Series
Grandia Series
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus ( lol xP )
Resident Evil Series / Biohazard Series ( sidenote: The Outbreak Games feature a Multiplayer CooP mode but European and American Servers are offline. )
Monkey Island Series

If you have interest to play a round of CooP with me, ask. As long as it is a Game of true CooP ( as defined above ) and a Game that I either have, can think of getting or freeware ( no Pirating stuff ) I will like to consider and join some nice CooP gameplay :3

CooP Games or Games that feature a CooP that I have been playing the most time are Evil Islands and Command and Conquer: Renegade.
Renegade's CooP mod/map possibility and the very existance of Renegade CooP mods/maps have bound me alot to this Game, not only because I already liked the Game by default, as it requires teamplay/teamwork and takes place around the Tiberian Dawn time, also because of the very enjoyable Games of CooP that I was having during the past Years.

Since around 2 years now ( almost 3, as it was somewhere in 2011 ), I have been into modding C&C Renegade. I have created a couple of Serverside mods, Mod-Maps and Custom made Maps over the time, you can find the links to the Forum Topics to some of them which I have released in public further below.

Since then, I have constantly been busy improving Renegade's Co-op possibilities ( and eventually the Co-op experience ) by implementing or inventing new mechanics for this game, after I taught myself programming in C++ around the end of 2012.

More of my work is to come up, though, it takes it's time as all the new stuff I have developed or eventually planned to make for something requires time to be setup and/or made and me having occasionally way less time for that in comparison to before.

Previous Renegade projects that have been released:


My Serverside CooP mod
Serverside M01



Albums of some of the stuff that I've made:
( Note: Some stuff is missing and some of these get updated over time eventually, alot of this stuff is also very old and count among the first things that I've made, much of it received either updates, changes or were discontinued. )

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