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#45730 M01 Tech-Demo

Posted by SarahDX on 15 January 2014 - 04:47 AM

This is a little Serversided project that I have been working on recently.
The aim was to re-create the Single Player to some extent for Multiplayer and at the same time alternate various things so that they would fit into Co-op.

At main I wanted to show how a Multiplayer Co-op Serverside mod can get close to what Single Player has been, it is not impossible, though many things have to be cut or altered in order to fit ( or actually work at all ), this M01 mod is, I dare to say, the closest thing a M01 Co-op Serverside mod can get to Single Player, hence the name "Tech-Demo".

So basically you have a Mission styled Serverside Co-op mod that reminds alot of how Westwood did things in Single Player.

The Work:
I have reverse engineered various Single Player scripts in order to do that, and re-wrote/re-created that as new scripts that actually work properly without any possible and nasty side-effects in Multiplayer. So the mod does not rely on Westwood's original ( Single Player ) scripts anymore and uses the ones I made at most ( obviously the ones I did not make were/are part of the default TT 4.0 Scripts.dll ).

I invested alot of time into making this, despite it being a Serverside mod ( due to having me reverse engineer various things to re-create them and having to test that in order to see wether it works the way I needed/wanted it ) and I find that it turned out pretty well, currently, the mod does not use my little invention -- the difficulty scaler -- but I made sure to leave enough room for that so that the map could be optimized to support around 12/13ish players, possible updates here!

So yeah, almost all of the scripting ( and of course the coding in order to make these scripts! ) that was done on this Map, was done by me. Tons of work. xD

The Mission:
So about the Mission, at most the Objectives are the same as in Single Player, some of them are slightly altered, some of them were left out entirely, or even new ones were added ( or Objectives that were originally intended but then cut by Westwood ). I have to say that I designed this mod to be linear ( and there is a good reason behind this as to why I did this! ), so the Player(s) has/have to go down the path as strictly set, meaning you cannot skip areas and therefore, the next area will be unlocked as the Player(s) complete the given Secondary ( or Primary ) Objectives, however there actually ARE things that can be optionally done or skipped, which are often not actually part of the Objectives and as such not mentioned, like clearing an area entirely or destroying the Nod Harvester or blowing up Sam Sites for additional reinforcements, so that's up to the Player(s).

Almost all enemy AI spawns are 1 timers, this does not mean that there are no AI respawns at all -- just like in Single Player, Nod Officers call in reinforcements as Nod AIs are being slain by the Players, this is, just like in Single Player too, publically announced ( i.e the Nod Officer saying "Enemies closing in - requesting backup!" and EVA then saying "Warning! Enemy Aircraft detected!" ) and there are also some infinite enemy reinforcements from other locations such as the Hand of Nod.

The Features:

-Supports the !objective/!obj/!o command.

-Various used and unused Single Player dialog as both, Sound and Text, being played at given events and matched up.

-AIs that can talk like in Single Player.

-GDI and Civilian hostages to set free who will then help you.

-Friendly AI reinforcements that help and progress with the Players as the Mission goes on.
( not simply just following and running into Players like before! )

-Dynamic Checkpoint System -- Players always automatically respawn in the current ( unlocked ) area up to the Hand of Nod.

-No Purchase Terminals!, every Player character is Havoc ( without the Ramjet! ) and get their Weaponry during Gameplay. Just like in Westwood's Single Player!

-All enemy AIs have a chance to drop Health, Armor and Weapon PowerUPs when killed.

-Fast respawning PowerUPs.

-Other stuff! :P

Update log:

Some Screenshots:

#45428 C&C_Coop_B02 added to the rotation

Posted by SarahDX on 08 July 2013 - 05:27 PM

B01 and B02 so far have utilized a good bit of mechanics and gameplay that Ren can offer but it is not absolute nor is it everything that Ren has to offer, I still continue to attempt to push Ren further than just that, so far it has not always resulted in a success of sorts like it did on the final versions of B01 or B02. One can simply just hope that things work out as intended, Ren simply just has many.. many.. and many limits when it comes to Co-op, but not too many, if you ask me, to be capable of making a Co-op that is astounding for Ren's capabilities.

So anyways, err thanks. :P

#44673 C&C_Coop_B01

Posted by SarahDX on 04 September 2012 - 12:31 PM

The Map is out.

Beta/Build 1 stuff:

Beta/Build 2 stuff:

Beta/Build 3 stuff:

Beta/Build 4 Stuff:

Beta/Build 5 Stuff:

Beta/Build 6 Stuff:

Changes/Fixes from the testing Versions I've had:

Note for the future and for the persons who participated in Test plays of this Map: You must absolutely remove older Versions of the Map from your Game Directory or you might get some problems when attempting to play it.
This is a Client Version, this means you cannot host the map with this Version of the Map, you can only play it with the Client Version on a Server that properly Hosts this Map. There is not going to be a Download for the Serverfiles of this Map.

Only download this if you do NOT use TT 4.0.
Client Version Download links:
Download @ Exodus

Original Post:

#44573 The offer on improvement a mod

Posted by SarahDX on 29 July 2012 - 08:20 PM

Hello Sa1bot! :P

There's a reason why they cannot be purchased on almost all of the maps in the rotation, that's, because the Weapons they have are too powerful for the maps on which you can't buy them. Havoc and Sydney ( PIC ) for instance can instant kill most of the Infantry units you find without doing a headshot, while Mobius in general is quite powerful using only his Volt Auto Rifle.

So if you ask me, I'd say IF they should be purchasable, there should be maps that actually fit to that ( like it was done on M06 3 years ago ), like, new maps or a new rotation.... because the current maps aren't made for these Weapons to be purchasable aside of the fact that the maps already are too easy without them. ( Everything seems/appears/is hard when someone is new of course :Cat face: )

#43305 C&C_Coop_Tropics

Posted by SarahDX on 13 November 2011 - 03:44 AM

I have completely overhauled this Map but kept it's old ambience setting.
The old gameplay does remain intact at some point and this is still a Nod map.
GDI, as before, starts off having the Hospital, the Hospital is now recapturable, unlike before where Nod could take the Hospital and it would permanently be theirs with GDI having no chance whatsoever to take it back, however, there is no refill located inside the Hospital anymore in case Nod claimed it, nor any Weapons.
Taking the Hospital will, as before, give the Team that has it in their possession some Reinforcements.

The Middle is as before a Infantry only zone, I have changed the way it is being blocked off for Vehicles now so that you can definitely not get in there with a Vehicle, this applies for GDI Tanks as well ( as some may remember, in the old Coop_Tropics, sometimes, a GDI Medium Tank AI would somehow end up in the Middle lol ).
Just as before, inside the Tunnels of the Middle, there is a Miniboss Mobius who has to be killed in order to progress.
There is also a Sam Site on the Hill as before, killing it will give Nod additional Reinforcements.

On the Right side, there is again a GDI Gunboat, this one has to be killed as well in order to progress, as before, there is a Sam Site by the Bridge on the Right side, killing that will also give Reinforcements.

It is mandatory to kill Mobius and to destroy the Gunboat in order to be capable of damaging GDI buildings, GDI buildings cannot be destroyed as long as eithe rof these 2 things are still alive, however, the GDI AGT can be drained down to 66% of it's Health Bar.

Unlike before, stealthed units will actually work on AIs, as I have applied my new Stealth scripts to the map, the GDI AGT can uncloak Stealth units though.
GDI AIs spawned in the GDI base will now spawn since the beginning of the game, unlike before, and they will attack from each side, GDI AIs can, as before, destroy Nod buildings and freely target them as they please, as before, however, the Map does not use MCTs for that anymore.

The Map does not feature my Difficulty scaler, as I have used many AIs for the setting right now, the Difficulty scaler would go through the roof with the amount of AIs enabled by it. xD
Therefore, this is a Very Easy only Map with AIs on both sides, easy to play.

The game is won when Nod destroyed the GDI base, no beaconing is required as it was before, players cannot purchase beacons neither.

Update 05.09.2013:

Update 11.09.2013:

Download links:
Note: You only download this file if you are NOT using TT 4.0, the file download here is only for non-4.0 users, 4.0 users download the Map automatically when joining the Server. You cannot host the Map with the downloaded file(s).

Download @ Exodus

The old files have been removed and are no longer supported, it is possible that, if you have the old Map files installed, that they may cause problems, in that case you will have to remove them, it is quite unlikely though.

Original Post:

#43255 Mission_Hourglass

Posted by SarahDX on 02 November 2011 - 06:41 AM

Most of you probably know Hourglass.mix from the aow servers.. well i took it and modded it to a CooP map ( human vs ai only ) with AOW atmosphere on some points. This is pretty much comparable to the Skirmish CooP map we have on Exodus CooP :3
Posted Image
The Players are on GDI's side, which is on the lose at the beginning.
Once you pass the, on the picture cyan marked, line in the GDI base.. a Nod Bot raid will start and you will have to defend your base.
My intention was to make use of 6 Rocket Emplacements that i put on the GDI base entrance ( orange dots ) to hold them off.
These have 600 in HP and 600 in Armor, Heavy Vehicle Shield, so they can take some hits :3
It is not my intention to let all players just start off with Mammoth Tanks just after the game started ( though you could buy 1 or 2 if you repair all damaged GDI buildings, which are damaged from the start on and maybe a few donations )
IF all of the 6 Rocket Emplacements are destroyed, the defense is considered a failure and will trigger the GDI Powerplant to be destroyed. It is, however, my intention to make it possible to still win even after that critical loss. ( saying that, it is possible that the map might need some balancing still, i did not have the opportunity to test out yet, hopefully will have in future, updates will be posted here :3 )
After GDI either held the Nod raid off.. ( 9 Light Tanks, 3 from each side ( marked with a gray X ) and 10 infantry units from the top and bottom side ( according to the picture here ) spawning 5 times attacking the GDI base ) ..or lost PP, they will have to counter attack Nod.
It is not recommended moving on the hill at the beginning, as i put some SAM sites in the Nod base that have tracking rockets and they will pwn you up there no matter if in a Tank or on foot :3
On this map i gave the Tunnels and Infantry a more important role than they actually were in skirmish. Players can clean the Tunnels out and claim it for their team which is important, because bots would eventually use the tunnels to backstab the players while preparing to launch a tank attack on the Nod base. Also, even if the Tunnels were cleaned from bots that spawn inside there, the bot infantry from the base would eventually rush in there to reclaim it ( after beating players, eventually stabbing tank users again )
Something i must point out, i set all base bots to infinite respawn, however, they can be disabled if the appropriate building was destroyed.
Hand of Nod = no more Advanced Bot Infantry
Airstrip = no more Bot Tanks
Refinery = no more basic bot infantry
Power Plant = no more respawning Guard Towers
Also if you kill the 3 SAM sites, it will trigger a looping Chinhook dropoff in the Nod base, dropping off GDI bots.
IF the Chinhook dont get to land at least 1 GDI bot, they will not drop off again ( there are 3 Chinhooks, each one with their own, so if Chinhook A dont gets to land 1 GDI bot, Chinhook A will stop dropping, Chinhook B and C however will continue )
After all Nod structures were destroyed, you will need to fight kane in the hand of nod, if you killed him, a beacon will spawn in front of the Hand of Nod MCT so you can end game beaconing the ped :3
Another thing is that i made the GDI Harvester Player Controlled.., you will still gain the credit ticks every second though..
however, the Harvester cannot be purchased and there can only be one! Every dump will give the entire team 700 credits. :Cat face:/>
So far, that is all.. download link below.
Edit 04.11.2011 23:11 UTC 0 ( removed previous versions as mentioned to prevent confusion. )
Edit 24.11.2011 19:29 UTC 0 ( added the map as a .mix file and a objects file which You only need if you plan to host this map on your FDS, clients / player DO NOT need this file! make sure you make an entry in SSGM so that it loads the objects.cop file for this map only )
Edit 22.01.2012 14:33 UTC 0 ( Megaupload gone down, posted new download links, Thanks go to Reckneya )
Edit 20.01.2014 06:50 UTC 0 ( Removed the obsolete download link )


Download is no longer available.

If you got questions about that CooP map, please feel free to ask! :3