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M01 Tech-Demo

15 January 2014 - 04:47 AM

This is a little Serversided project that I have been working on recently.
The aim was to re-create the Single Player to some extent for Multiplayer and at the same time alternate various things so that they would fit into Co-op.

At main I wanted to show how a Multiplayer Co-op Serverside mod can get close to what Single Player has been, it is not impossible, though many things have to be cut or altered in order to fit ( or actually work at all ), this M01 mod is, I dare to say, the closest thing a M01 Co-op Serverside mod can get to Single Player, hence the name "Tech-Demo".

So basically you have a Mission styled Serverside Co-op mod that reminds alot of how Westwood did things in Single Player.

The Work:
I have reverse engineered various Single Player scripts in order to do that, and re-wrote/re-created that as new scripts that actually work properly without any possible and nasty side-effects in Multiplayer. So the mod does not rely on Westwood's original ( Single Player ) scripts anymore and uses the ones I made at most ( obviously the ones I did not make were/are part of the default TT 4.0 Scripts.dll ).

I invested alot of time into making this, despite it being a Serverside mod ( due to having me reverse engineer various things to re-create them and having to test that in order to see wether it works the way I needed/wanted it ) and I find that it turned out pretty well, currently, the mod does not use my little invention -- the difficulty scaler -- but I made sure to leave enough room for that so that the map could be optimized to support around 12/13ish players, possible updates here!

So yeah, almost all of the scripting ( and of course the coding in order to make these scripts! ) that was done on this Map, was done by me. Tons of work. xD

The Mission:
So about the Mission, at most the Objectives are the same as in Single Player, some of them are slightly altered, some of them were left out entirely, or even new ones were added ( or Objectives that were originally intended but then cut by Westwood ). I have to say that I designed this mod to be linear ( and there is a good reason behind this as to why I did this! ), so the Player(s) has/have to go down the path as strictly set, meaning you cannot skip areas and therefore, the next area will be unlocked as the Player(s) complete the given Secondary ( or Primary ) Objectives, however there actually ARE things that can be optionally done or skipped, which are often not actually part of the Objectives and as such not mentioned, like clearing an area entirely or destroying the Nod Harvester or blowing up Sam Sites for additional reinforcements, so that's up to the Player(s).

Almost all enemy AI spawns are 1 timers, this does not mean that there are no AI respawns at all -- just like in Single Player, Nod Officers call in reinforcements as Nod AIs are being slain by the Players, this is, just like in Single Player too, publically announced ( i.e the Nod Officer saying "Enemies closing in - requesting backup!" and EVA then saying "Warning! Enemy Aircraft detected!" ) and there are also some infinite enemy reinforcements from other locations such as the Hand of Nod.

The Features:

-Supports the !objective/!obj/!o command.

-Various used and unused Single Player dialog as both, Sound and Text, being played at given events and matched up.

-AIs that can talk like in Single Player.

-GDI and Civilian hostages to set free who will then help you.

-Friendly AI reinforcements that help and progress with the Players as the Mission goes on.
( not simply just following and running into Players like before! )

-Dynamic Checkpoint System -- Players always automatically respawn in the current ( unlocked ) area up to the Hand of Nod.

-No Purchase Terminals!, every Player character is Havoc ( without the Ramjet! ) and get their Weaponry during Gameplay. Just like in Westwood's Single Player!

-All enemy AIs have a chance to drop Health, Armor and Weapon PowerUPs when killed.

-Fast respawning PowerUPs.

-Other stuff! :P

Update log:

Some Screenshots: