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In Topic: Commands for the server?

04 February 2018 - 12:59 PM

only command added to the server was !rw (remove weapon), all the basic commands work !donate !td !bind !lock !fun but nothing fancy like purchasing weapons or !goto

In Topic: Happy Holidays!

25 December 2017 - 06:11 PM

Merry Christmas everyone :)

In Topic: Info: [MC] Clan -- [Mission Coop] Clan

29 August 2017 - 04:11 PM

To apply for membership you must fill out an application form http://www.exoduscom...public-section/


Please read the rules before applying

In Topic: AOW Server?

18 May 2017 - 09:46 PM

Rencorner do not have bad rules ross

their rules are there to maintain the server.



you have just become a moderator yourself for MPF's ultra AOW server and the Allnoobs network so you will eventually get a better understanding why certain rules are in place.

In Topic: AOW Server?

17 May 2017 - 01:08 AM

nope, I don't see it ever happening...


Renegade's overall player base is low.

Why even contemplate it? 2 new AOW servers have emerged over the past few months on Renlist and they themselves are not attracting much (if any) attention from the players.