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#49251 weapons container M04

Posted by dubstar on 12 May 2018 - 02:17 PM

Out of all the secret weapons scattered around our maps I get asked this one the most so I made a short video showing the 7 hidden switches which must be destroyed to unlock the teleporter into the container on M04


not all secret weapons on M04 are revealed in this video, the purpose is just to cover the container of weapons


#46910 Unlock me, please !!!

Posted by dubstar on 06 August 2016 - 07:12 PM

Hi Havoc_116, you will be allowed to play on the server again... please do not cause trouble using public or private chat again.


wb mate, see you in game some time :)

#46907 Unlock me, please !!!

Posted by dubstar on 26 July 2016 - 02:06 PM



I will start a topic in the moderator section where we will discuss your ban, it may take a while for a decision to be made so please be patient and check back in a few days.

#46742 Happy New Year!

Posted by dubstar on 01 January 2016 - 10:19 AM

<div class="getty embed image" style="background-color:#fff;display:inline-block;font-family:'Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;color:#a7a7a7;font-size:11px;width:100%;max-width:507px;"><div style="padding:0;margin:0;text-align:left;"><a href="http://www.gettyimag...tail/152829906"target="_blank" style="color:#a7a7a7;text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal !important;border:none;display:inline-block;">Embed from Getty Images</a></div><div style="overflow:hidden;position:relative;height:0;padding:66.666667% 0 0 0;width:100%;"><iframe src="//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/152829906?et=dj0uzXxXScB-mtQc2hAeiA&viewMoreLink=off&sig=JF2CPzhY9ajd5rLuI0E3Lk6Ats2Nr5wcOwdPqqaadDs=" width="507" height="338" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="display:inline-block;position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;margin:0;"></iframe></div><p style="margin:0;"></p></div>

#46721 Where I have been for the last few days (BAD NEWS!!!!)

Posted by dubstar on 30 December 2015 - 02:07 PM

I would do a fresh install/restore of windows if I got a virus


downloading is not the only way you can get a virus, browsing the net can open up doors for viruses too :(

for future reference: to help eliminate the chances of getting a virus from the net you should use a pop-up blocker.

personally I use firefox for browsing the net with these addons: Adblock plus & Adblock plus pop-up addon.


C&C_Stronghold does not contain any viruses


if mcafee is failing to remove the virus you could try one or both of the following programs




you could also try a cleaning program such as ccleaner http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner

ccleaner is a very good program for fixing the registry, removing junk files and editing programs which start up with windows, many viruses boot with windows and can be disabled using ccleaner.

#46712 Merry Christmas

Posted by dubstar on 25 December 2015 - 08:55 AM

merry christmas all


:Gift with a bow: 

#46678 8 years [mc] clan

Posted by dubstar on 01 December 2015 - 04:48 PM

8 years wow that is an amazing accomplishment for any clan and for any game in that matter :) renegade truly is one of a kind.


much love to all my fellow clan members and to Zorid+smeebrv for creating MC

#46636 Banned for Bad Behaviour

Posted by dubstar on 19 November 2015 - 04:41 PM

This is a genuine mistake and we are sorry for any inconvenience transam, please bare with us while we try to resolve this issue.

#46482 Coop Screenshots

Posted by dubstar on 01 August 2015 - 03:42 PM

Ah! look, it's Mr Engineer joining the party on Coop_B01_B6 :) lol Z


#46476 The-end-of-an-era-for-jelly

Posted by dubstar on 20 July 2015 - 02:43 PM

Been playing Jelly-Marathon for a few years and loved every second of it.


Some good players there + the settings were just right to enjoy a decent game of Renegade AOW.


Will miss it

#46396 Freshly ready Free Renegade X - #JustDoItUp :)

Posted by dubstar on 23 March 2015 - 08:43 PM


CoOp must be possible somehow

#46393 Freshly ready Free Renegade X - #JustDoItUp :)

Posted by dubstar on 23 March 2015 - 09:22 AM

WOW... I am actually amazed at the level of detail/skill which has been thrown into RenegadeX from a group of enthusiasts. Everything from the character/vehicle models, maps, videos and the engine are of high standards. big thumbs up


downloading beta 4 now ;)

#46194 GDI AOW Maps

Posted by dubstar on 15 November 2014 - 03:36 PM

I have played Walls + Mesa so far and really enjoyed the missions, nice work ReKoil. Excellent for anyone wanting to improve their sniper'ing

#46187 My Coop Screenshots :)

Posted by dubstar on 11 November 2014 - 09:55 PM

GDI 1, Nod drowned :Storm cloud:

#46180 Renegade X: Beta 3 has been released!

Posted by dubstar on 20 October 2014 - 08:33 AM

Totem Arts have done a really good job :Thumbs up: all we need now is a co-op mode