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#17554 Renegade Forums has a Virus

Posted by egoflux0 on 08 November 2009 - 06:53 AM

Hi Goztow -- I'm hosting many files that are relevant to the blatant ignorance and abuse of crimson and luv2pb while we were still in the employ of NS gaming. After reviewing the phenomenal moderatorship, sportsmanship, and time intensive past-time that is competently moderating game servers that is the staff here, I wouldn't even think twice of what we did. The guys around here, combined with other communities are simply the best at what we do; and is something NS took advantage of and only left apathy in its wake.

I'm still angry over how so much was slapped in our faces when we clearly sank ridiculous amounts of hours in to helping run the place. It was fairly important to back up as much of what was put there since a lot of the information is of course, less than favorable for the administration and quite embarrassing to out right degrading.

After all that stuff happened back then, myself and MANY other people's ability to use renforums was restricted (or even banned). Example, I still can't use private messages, which was too bad since I was looking at doing some development work on the SSGM for exodus, but was unable to contact some of the people that could have been in the know. Crimson and luv2pb made a lot of haste to cover their asses from quite damaging information over what all happened and they targeted really the bastion of renegade which is under her ownership (renforums, NS, etc).

I can sort of understand her position, it's "her bandwidth" so we can't use it to "harm her [whatever noun here]"... so we went ahead and hosted said damaging information elsewhere... see.. even in exodus we're still caring about her needs...

This move was a long time coming, I was actually quite amazed at how... explosive it was going to be... and just how badly they acted. As someone that's more or less positioned herself to the top of the food chain in all things renegade... I think it's fair that we kept alive many of these documents that more adequately show people who it is they are dealing with and how badly they treat their own staff, which will happen again, just as it has before in the past... maybe even bigger next time.

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#306 exodus from n00bstories

Posted by egoflux0 on 01 July 2009 - 06:08 PM

In case anybody missed it, I took the liberty of compiling most of the problems many people in the staff had with n00bstories. Basically it was an accumulation of abuse of luv2pb and crimson over a couple of years and the correct match finally lit the fire that triggered the mass quittings and firings (that many had warned them about months ago, including myself).

So, without further ado, here's the latest compilation: