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About Me

Hello, and welcome.

I am Dreganius, also known as Karandras, from Renz0r.net Gaming.

My first beginnings to Renegade came in 2003, the year of its release. Although my first taste of it was at my uncle's birthday party. I sat down and played his pirated copy of it (Go him -.-) and I instantly liked it. I asked me to burn a copy and bought a walkthrough guide for it. Months passed, as I awaited my burnt copy, and I spent the nights reading through this walkthrough. As it became apparent that I wasn't getting my copy, I asked my parents if they could buy it for me. Receiving a no, I was disheartened and slowly forgot about Renegade, losing that walkthrough somewhere along the way. However, when the C&C Box Pack including Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Yuri's Revenge and Renegade was released, I obtained a copy for my birthday. Tiberian Sun and Renegade, to this day, remain my favourite games of their genres.

I first found Renz0r a bit longer than half a year after Reckneya created it, and was the first game community I ever joined. All the members were really friendly, and it wasn't long before I found myself at home in the -DM- clan. This clan was great, invite-only elites whose specialty is DeathMatch, I spent a long time playing alongside and against my clanmates. I then met EKT-CrazyGurl in December of 2007, and we more or less fell in love over teh internetz. I continued playing Renegade with -DM- and her, and then one day I flew overseas to meet her. We had a brilliant time, and even to this day we're together.

Then I decided to do something stupid. I left -DM- clan, and joined EKT to be in the same clan as CrazyGurl. Big mistake. I quit EKT so fast it's not funny, and she's now clanless too. However, I was unable to join -DM- again as their policy is that you may leave once and rejoin, but not a second time (I left once before). To this day, I regret that mistake, however I still support Reckneya, Renz0r and -DM- clan to the fullest. That's what brought me here.

Going back a bit now, to 2006, when I started playing with Photoshop. I liked it and began creating graphics. endepende, from Renz0r, taught me a lot, the great Photoshop Sensei of mine, and although my first works were pathetic, I'm now pulling off amazing skins and graphics that are getting many thumbs up from the community. Since then, my time playing Renegade has decreased, but the time making things FOR Renegade has replaced that. Nowadays I make skins such as the C&C3 Vehicles, and the Tiberian Sun interior replacements for Di3Hard's interiors. In my work I used to try so hard to make things look good, and now it comes naturally from practice. So, enjoy my skins I make, I've made them just to keep Renegade alive.

Finally, I'm a big fan of Warhammer 40,000 as well. I've wanted to play Warhammer 40,000 in a Renegade style for a VERY long time. That's why I created Renegade 40,000.
Renegade 40,000 is a total conversion modification like Reborn or A Path Beyond, changing Renegade into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The Ren40k website is >> here <<, and is hosted by my pal Reckneya =]
We don't have a massive team, so we're not always updating or working, but we're slowly getting stuff done.

And that's more or less my Renehistory. Now, a quick synopsis about me.

Well, where to I start?
I am an aspiring Graphics Designer, who sometimes makes a bit of cash freelancing. Someday I'd love to make graphics for metal bands, gaming websites, and many other things, as a full-time job. I've worked hard over the past three to four years and have gotten a lot of experience. My main influences in graphics are metal bands, high-tech themes, first/third person shooters, racing games, and my most recent influence is the styles of Sonic Syndicate.

I love my CrazyAngel with all my heart, she's my dream-girl, and the world to me and I love Renegade for being the place I met her.

I will NOT take shit from anyone anymore about the way I look and have been known to kick people for calling me "emo". I mean come on! I wear massive black steel-capped platform shoes with spikes coming out each way, not Converses and skinny jeans!
My favourite colours are black and purple, and I consider myself a little bit of a goth.
My favourite character is the 6th Squad Captain, Kuchiki Byakuya from the TV Anime "Bleach", as I see a lot of him in me, but not always the obvious stuff. Also his sword is fucking godlike.
I'm also addicted to the game series named Armored Core. It's fucking brilliant. I mean, what's not to like about building your own 10-storey mech from scratch, complete with boosters to fly around, massive blades, massive linear/plasma/laser/sniper/rocket/grenade rifles/launchers/guns/cannons with fully customizable everything?

Yep, that's about it.

Oh and if there's a band better than Sonic Syndicate, I don't wanna know.

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