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About Me

This is Sector-Delta Platoon Five-Oh-Niner;
...Incoming Transmission from GDI Support Unit...
...Identified. Codename: TNaismith. Specialized Unit Name: [MC] Clan...

...Transmission Start...

Greetings esteemed gentlemen and ladies,

The name is TNaismith, and Co-op, teamwork, friendship, and community atmosphere are just a few things that are apart of who I am. Think of me as your resident Co-op Gamer enthusiast. What is Co-op you might ask? Well in my personal belief, Coop is the game-type where all human players play on one team together against AI-Controlled bots to accomplish objectives in different missions and maps. I heavily despite and absolutely HATE any other mode of multiplayer where humans go against one another on different teams. So I frankly don't like any PvP modes, like AoW, Marathon, Deathmatch, CTF, etc.

Not to say I haven't tried them, but my calling and passion in Renegade is Co-op. Co-op game-play, Co-op teamwork, Co-op fun. Anything to do with humans fighting one another on opposite teams you will rarely find me playing.

As you may already tell, I also am a somewhat writer of sorts, and I do admit that I really enjoy roleplaying. RPG games are always fun, and one day I hope that there will be an online multiplayer game that will have RPG elements to it, but centered entirely on creating a persistent world where players work together against an strong AI opponent.

You see, whenever I see PvP games, I always see immature jerks or ego-induced people playing. That's not to say that those people don't exist in PvE (Co-op), but overall, my experience with multiplayer games have led me to dislike the competitive atmosphere that PvP modes bring. Why do people feel so good about beating another human person over the internet? In my opinion, it is because they like to be superior to others in a personal sense, and the fact they can beat someone up and gloat over it unlike in real life drives them to actually get twisted enjoyment out of it.

Is this to say that everyone that likes PvP is like that? Not at all. I myself do play a handful of PvP games, but overall, I personally prefer PvE (Co-op) games, because the people there, and the atmosphere, usually are more focused on respect, teamwork, co-operation, and mutual fun. Mind you, we have our fair share of jerks who like to speed-run through missions, camp and just point-whore on maps, or generally just not even do anything useful for the team. Compared to PvP though, I prefer the fun that Co-op offers over anything else.

However, that is just my own lone opinion. If you disagree, then by all means disagree. You have your ways of seeing fun, and I have mine. Just know that if you give me any reason to classify or identify you as a jerk or immature kid of any kind, I'll probably not hang around you much (though whether you hang around me is another question altogether).

In all, I basically have values in my online gaming career. If you are respectful, kind, compassionate, friendly, helpful, community-oriented, understanding, and have the will to never give up, I'll be happy to meet your acquaintance and just to say a brief hello or greeting. I'll be even more willing to get to know you through any of the Co-op servers Renegade hosts, and if you find yourself very much interested and passionate about Co-op, then I invite you to join [MC] Clan, short for [Mission Co-op] Clan, and we're all about Coop gameplay in Renegade. Community, respect, kindness, compassion, friendship, and the common interest for Co-op are what we are all about.

You can check us out here;

To end, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. You must be one strange and out-of-your mind kind of guy/gal to actually read all this, so hats off to you. Please feel free to contact me through PM here, or on any of the Co-op servers if you'd like to chat. I look forward to meeting friends and people of similar values, and human characteristics that I believe in.

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